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    Tree Trimming

    One of the main services we provide, in addition to cutting down trees, is Expert Tree Trimming for the residents of Boxford MA and surrounding towns. When a tree is properly trimmed, it helps lessen the stress that overgrown branches can have on the health of the trees. Properly trimmed trees can grow better, and thrive to live longer and healthier. Heavy branches can also weigh down on power lines, or hang over roofs causing moss and mold to grow. Another good reason our customers call us for tree trimming services is for visibility and clearance when branches have become a nuisance. Well cared for and maintained equipment, properly trained crew, and being fully insured are just a few reasons why you should call us if you need your trees on your property cut back. 

    Boxford MA Tree Company

    Tree Removal North Andover MA

    Our tree company, managed by Maribito Tree Services, is based on the North Shore and services the lovely town of Boxford for all homes and businesses that require the best tree service. We focus our efforts on top notch customer service, and that is why we have continued to thrive and stand out as a top local company. Working together with our clients to achieve safe and effective tree removal and tree trimming services, our tree company in Boxford Massachusetts is one of the best. Making sure that all our equipment, chainsaws, chip trucks, bucket trucks and more is always working well and smoothly, ensures that each job goes well. Locally owned and operated, fully insured, and certified tree experts make us your top pick for tree companies in Boxford MA. Call us today for a free quote!