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One of the best ways to keep trees healthy is to give them a good trim from time to time.

There are three basic reasons why you’d want to get your trees trimmed:

1.    For their health. Keeping the crown of the tree from getting over-crowded by thinning it out with a little trimming allows more air to flow through it, nourishing the tree. Branches that get tangled together, rub against each other or cross over one another should get trimmed or even completely removed to avoid them falling unexpectedly. It is occasionally even possible to save trees that have been infected by strategically trimming off certain limbs and branches.

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    2.    For safety reasons. Branches growing too close to utility lines are a constant hazard. If they fall, or even just grow into the utility lines, this can cause a disruption. Not to mention dead or dying branches that can easily fall and break things or hurt people. Trimming and pruning can help you avoid these types of situations.

    3.    For aesthetics and beauty. When a tree gets pruned properly you can keep its appearance and shape intact and maintain its beauty. It’s not advisable, however, to try and force a tree into and unnatural shape through trimming as this can damage the tree and weaken it. But a healthy trim will keep it growing strong which will, in turn, make it blossom and flourish.

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    When To Trim Trees:

    ​The best time to prune or trim a tree for health and beauty reasons is in its dormant season. Some trees can be pruned at other times, such as pine trees, although it’s still advisable to tackle pruning and trimming in dormant seasons. The only time you’ll want to trim or prune outside of dormant seasons is when a tree has become hazardous and needs to be trimmed immediately.

    Attention must always be paid to the size of the branch that’s being removed. Branches under 2 inches in diameter are safe to remove, but branches between 2 and 4 inches in diameter might not be. Branches over 4 inches in diameter should only be removed with very good reason.

    Only branches with narrow, weak, V-shaped angles should get trimmed. Strong branches with U-shaped angles should be kept. Living crown to tree height ratio should be about two-thirds once pruning is complete.

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    Trimming away young branches is easier and there’s a much lower risk of scarring. Branches shouldn’t be trimmed too long or close; don’t remove the collar of the branch but be careful not leave a big stub either.

    There are lots of details and techniques to know when trimming trees, and our experiences arborists know them all. Get in touch with us today and we’ll make a program from trimming your trees so we can get them looking healthy and beautiful. Our goal to make you proud of the trees on your property.

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