Hedge Trimming North Andover MA

Trimming and pruning bushes and hedges is a key part of keeping them healthy and looking sharp. Our talented arborists don’t only look at trimming and pruning as a necessity, but as a creative outlet. The skill and talent needed for trimming a hedge well doesn’t just come overnight, it takes a good long while of practice and learning to understand exactly where and how to trim to get optimum results both health-wise and aesthetically.

Tree Trimming North Andover MA

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    Bush Pruning

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    When pruning bushes, you first need to get rid of any diseased, damaged, or dead branches. Once you’re done with this, take a step back and look at your bush or hedge as a whole. Think about shape and size and what you’d like to get from your shrubs. From there you’ll start trimming, either cutting entire branches off or just trimming parts off of them to shape your bush or hedge properly.

    Hedge Trimming Service

    It’s easy for a lot of homeowners to put off trimming their hedges and bushes rather than dig into it, whether it’s because the task seems big and daunting or they’re afraid of messing something up. But you don’t have to worry about ruining your shrubs, because you’ve got us!

    Based in North Andover, we’re the best shrub trimming and pruning company in the area and we’re just a phone call away!

    We’ve got all the tools necessary for the job; hand-held pruners, loppers, hand saws, and more! When you put our top quality gear and equipment together with our knowledge of plants and trimming experience, you get our company: Tree Service Pros North Andover.

    So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and get us to come down and give your shrubs a good trim.

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