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When thinking about removing a tree, always remember that it’s not an easy task and definitely not a safe one for someone who’s not a professional arborist. If a tree is dying or already dead, its branches can break off at any time and fall, harming people or property in their way. Trying to fell trees or remove branches on your own can result in situations where people get hurt and things get damaged.

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    Even though it’s not a good idea to try and take down that tree yourself, you can check your tree to see if you need to ask for professional help to remove your tree. There are a couple of recognizable signs you can look for to see what condition your tree is in. If you spot any of these, then call us at Tree Service Pros North Andover, and we’ll be there to set your tree predicament right.

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    Assessing if your tree needs to be removed:

    First of all, you’re going to want to examine your tree to see if it’s leaning over more than standing up straight. Try to get a little distance away from the tree so you can get a clear view of the whole thing and see if it’s leaning heavily to one side. If the tree is leaning over heavily, it can be one of the signs that it has died inside and is at risk of falling. If you’re not sure whether or not the tree has always been leaning like that or if it’s a new development, you can consult our professional arborists to get an experienced opinion on the health of your tree.

    The next thing you can do is take a look at the base of the tree. The roots of a tree are one of the strongest indicators of its health. Try and pay attention to what the ground looks like around the base of the tree. If you can see that the roots of the tree are decaying or damaged then this is a pretty clear sign that the tree has lost part of its structural support. At times, this could even mean that it has lost all of its structural support and is at risk of falling at any time. If you notice any space between the roots and the ground then this is an even greater sign that your tree is at risk of collapsing. The amount of “sawdust” or fungus around the base of your tree is another indicator of a sick or dying tree.

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    Finally, take a look at the trunk of the tree. Cavities and cracks can also be a sign of structural damage and/or sickness. If there are large pieces of bark missing from your tree, that’s another sign of damage.

    Once again, if these signs don’t seem clear to you, you can always contact us to come and inspect your trees for you to let you know the state of them. If they’re compromised, you can count on us to safely and efficiently remove your trees and return your property to safety.

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    local tree service North Andover MA